Sunday, June 21, 2009

Eternity of Markov (Sunday 12)

I ran my own poem eternity of music through a markov chainer. I think these 2 cantos, computer generated, are better than my original work.


Canto 1

When the lights less bright, and until the dusk came
there was no brightness in the sky
eyes glinting fire jumped out
snatched up by the heart cries aloud the movement of my own cleverness
even if it
was before the omen of times
drinking the blood
every time you breathe
that is enough to enjoy yourself

the opening of the world, and unaware of the field,
Now the queen, "Now I am Achilles,
come from the orange lagoon"
and there is no twisting lady on a weary summer night
to gaze upon life's great offering, or
find sleep inside the tube.
we are the proud souls, the watchful souls,
that foolish try to bounce up into the energy commons;
empty plots of land
dropping sand blasting achievement.

We murk in the world below us.
and the breaking of the carvings
that make this world wonderful.
I am not without spontaneous
Nor without moments
in which we lose ourselves.
Wherein the meaning comes breaking in
from the list of one's fetlocks,
anticipation of whistle Karaoke street defense.

Canto 2
And snowed in the world,
free and clear, imitating the art made
by the eastern docks
cockfight empty wallet feeling
pier twisting dumped out
the screws in the garden.
you, in love's green garden
shall mute the signs and wonders
from the country's substitute homeless.
Wake of the moment,
afraid of the windy war-hood.

cease to become haunted.
No wonder we are found
by the fireside anachronistic chats,
stored it a focus and primation of our wailing heart
into the sky at the gate.
if our brothers tell us; we cannot admit
the cause of our chances

Where we died so many before me,
we which could not harm the angel,
despite their rough treatment of her.
in the night, there is no king wherewith to feed me
but I know those things of matter,
and the ocean.
We are not ready to expand, comfort
in the shame of a private heart
the world's running caper

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