Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sleeptalking (Sunday 13)

My new dictation system allows me to record what I say in my sleep. It even adds periods and commas. I've cut out the vast majority of the garbage from my sleep/edge of sleep session, and left these few semi-intelligible gems. Enjoy.

The year was 1850; I remember it as the first year I was allowed to ride a horse in town by myself. Things being the way they were America that time moves from Chile. Very little urban society, we got most of our news from the neighbors. And mostly it was about the neighbors pa would sometimes say a thing or two about friends. Who knew about was going on, the New World. But for the most fondly kept to ourselves that dirt-road town. Unless third visits down. I had my first homosexual encounter with the bartender named Smith, a man three times my age. Good year, 1850.

When I was seven my mother gave me two toothless chickens raise all by myself was feeding the money about how to run around in my nightfall. Make sure they don't get in trouble being decrepit and flightless birds for the most part. It wasn't much challenge keeping them in line. On the contrary, I found the caretaking of these animals to be most agreeable to myself.

My best friend for what I have school was a melancholy fellow who used to call piano Jim. Jim Was a couple years too old to be in a great, be a little slow. Not much of a talker it was often assumed he was quite ignorant. And so he been held back a couple years. He never talked much and when he did he talk with real quiet. But I tell you I never met anybody thought so much as Jim. He always got right to the heart of the matter at hand. Seemed to always know how things would play out, always able to guess how somebody in the class would react. He knew everybody in that room better than they knew themselves, and everybody there thought he was an idiot. I found him to be a dear friend -- enthusiastic, charming, as ready as any for adventure in the stolen minutes while we were supposed to be walking home from school. An eye for an eye, a heart for a heart. So his heart was mine, and mine was his, and we both lost our virginity to the bartender Smith. That was piano Jim.

When I was 17, I decided to volunteer for the Army. At the time, the government was weak and didn't have much of a treasury. So it was more of a volunteering position than a career or profession, and my parents were very disappointed that I had chosen such a foolhardy path. How could I go off to fight and die When I had yet to take a wife who had given them any grandchildren?

how could they know that I would never give them grandchildren? Do I move on loan loan loan loan lowest the honeymoon when I will go no no no no no no no no no no he can be mean he he he he he will now tell you. I use those little i.e., I know you are, as they should be giving way to make me lose my healing love you buddy. Others who I am 80 dead in, and that's a little foot slope unless I am a care in testing reasons for doing fireworks. Taking your time to stay in fifth grade fabric class and atmosphere me in my set for traveling five at giant waste to curl in my car chase on a shining it in cold and beautiful and wise. Everyone rolling in my twisted row wheel mobile. Things like this now puts tech in the firecracker control, and it's how race is Lemke power if he fished with rolling in special ways taking my special socks off chip like to care rolling knife in her yes. Yes! We've given ourselves lightly away to the red and green monkey see monkey do mother factor doesn't give you any greater clarity to this rolling greens are calling shiny metal

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